How To Create The Perfect Personalised Image

Feel like creating a customised smartphone or tablet case? Creating a customised case is a great way to remember your favourite memories, celebrate your friends and family or just personalise your smartphone or tablet.   However, finding the right image for your case can be a challenge. Should you use one of your existing photos as it is, or should you tweak it using an image editing app or software like Photoshop before you upload it and make your order?   Editing your image has several benefits. First of all, it lets you ensure the contrast, levels and other factors are perfect before you print your item. Second, it gives you the chance to add your own messages and other features to your design.   Below, we’ve listed three simple ways that you can create the perfect image for your personalised gift, whether you’re an image editing beginner or expert. Try one or all three before you upload your image to achieve the perfect look.

Edit your image using Photoshop

Photoshop might just be the world’s most well-known image editing software. With its powerful features and massive variety of options, Photoshop gives you the ability to modify your image to your exact specifications, provided you know how to use it.   The best place to start modifying your image in Photoshop is the “Levels” tab, which controls the level of light in your image, or by using automatic adjustments such as “Auto Contrast” and “Auto Tone”.   These settings can make a bright, overexposed and washed out image look natural, or help lighten up a dark, low-contrast image taken at night. If you’d like to use an image from a night out with friends, they’re the best tools to begin with.   From here, you can use Photoshop’s powerful features to add text to your image or apply one of many filters to stylize your picture. If you don’t have Photoshop, you’re also free to use Open Source alternatives, such as GIMP image editor.

Use an online tool like Canva to edit your image

There’s no need to buy a Photoshop license just to edit your image. If you don’t feel like using a powerful application like Photoshop, you can use a web-based picture editing tool like Canva to create the perfect image for your gift.   Using Canva is simple. Just choose a high resolution canvas and add your image. Add text, features such as colour blocks and more. Once you’re finished, export the image as a JPG or PNG file to upload for use on your personalised gift.   Do you prefer to edit images on your mobile device? Canva has a mobile app with all the features of the desktop version. There are also apps like PhotoDirector (Android and iOS)and Aviary Photo Editor that you can use to edit your images on the go.

Use our simple online image editor

Don’t feel like downloading software to edit your image? If you’d like to change your image’s colour or add text, you can use our simple online image editing tool to make small, simple changes to your image in seconds.   Start by uploading your image, then adjust its location to make sure it occupies the entire frame. Click “Edit” and choose your favourite image filter, or click “Add text to your case” to add a message to your personalised mobile or tablet case.   After you’re finished, just click “Buy this design” to finalise your edits and finish the case. It’s quick and simple – a great alternative to difficult software like Photoshop and the mobile apps listed above.