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samsung flip case

Faux Leather Flip Case

A faux leather flip case suitable for the iphone with your image printed on the front of the case.

Samsung Premium Case

Premium Case

Premium photo case for the iPhone featuring your image fully wrapped around the case with a high gloss finish

samasungGalaxy S5

Why should you get a phone case from CreateitNow?

Customise and protect your Samsung smartphone or tablet with your own unique and stylish custom case. Our personalised Samsung cases are the perfect accessory for giving your Samsung device a new look that reflects your personality. Choose from a selection of materials, from faux leather to high gloss plastic, to set your Samsung device apart from the crowd. Personalise your case with photos, an inspiring quote or a collage of your favourite holiday, family or pet pictures. Our personalised cases are available for the Samsung S6, S5, S4, S4 Mini, S3, Note 2 and Note 3.


Upload your favourite images

Family, pets or your greatest memories from your device, facebook or instagram, it’s all possible!

Prices start from as low as


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Arrange your photos in a collage.

It’s extremely easy! Upload multiple images and then just click and drag your uploaded images into the grid you select! Simple beautiful cases.


Personalised Samsung Cases

Createitnow Product rating 5 stars service 5 stars service 5 37

Choose from a selection of high quality materials

Feel like a break from the typical plastic smartphone or tablet case? We offer high quality, stylish and completely personalised Samsung cases in a range of different materials including high gloss plastic, faux leather and more. Our cases don’t just look great – they’re also highly protective. All of our cases are designed to protect your Samsung smartphone or tablet from scratches and other common damage.

Personalise your device using photos, text and more

Feel like creating the ultimate Samsung case? Our online case creator makes it easy to personalise your smartphone or tablet with a collage of your favourite photos, an inspiring quote or an image that matches your personality. Import photos from your Facebook or Instagram account or choose your favourite images from your PC. Our online editor makes it easy to add text to your design or zoom, rotate and move your images to your specifications.

Create a photo collage with your favourite memories

Want to remember your latest holiday? Feel like celebrating your family or beloved pet? Decorate your case with multiple images using our online photo collage creator to design a case that’s covered in unforgettable memories.

Design a case that promotes your brand or business

Would you like to create a unique marketing tool for your business? Our customised Samsung cases are the perfect tools for promoting your business at trade shows and other industry events. Once you’ve selected your case type and finished your design, we’ll create your case and deliver it to your address in two to four days.

Are you ready to start designing?

Our online editor makes it easy to design and create a personalised Samsung case in your style. Choose your photos, quotes or branding message and get started creating your customised Samsung case today!

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Createitnow Product rating 5 stars service 5 stars service 5 37

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We are extremely accepting and flexible

We are always confident that you will be able to create something really special. After you have uploaded your images you can edit the design, create a collage, add filters, add text and much more! Whether you are designing a case to give as a gift or just want something extra special to show off on your phone case - Create it Now will always be here to help. If you have any issues at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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